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Sanrio for Smiles

It passed a week, but i want to write about this event there was here in Milan, a nice initiative to donate money to Japan.
I'm talking of "Sanrio for Smiles" a lovely exhibition curated by Christian Gancitano, where many known artists from different countries had displayed their interpretation about Sanrio characters.
It was a lovely exhibition which really reignited my love for these sanrio characters, and make me want to paint them too (maybe a gore hello kitty with my style? lol).
Some of the paintings were awesome, and if i had extra cash to invest, i would have surely bought a few pieces for my new place!
Here some photos i took:

Hello Kitty the guest star of the event!

Aldo Sergio's painting amazed me for his tecnique, this piece is a good example of pop surrealism artwork!

Tokidoki  click here to view a large size

Kitty by M. Peihang Huang. I really loved this! Maybe because it remind me a lot Jenny Saville style meet kawaii! it so "material"! i would love to see the original of this!

this adorable artwork is by Ania Tomicka, she paint the cutest things! Bravissima Ania!

kuromi x mekaneko! by Matteo de Longis

MyMelody by Lostfish

Cinnamoroll by El Gato Chimney

by Pirotte Nathalie

by Jana Brike

Fukushima mon amour by Max Papeschi

by Massimo Festi

My Melody by Tomoko Nagao.. i love her mind!

Venus with pasta!! by Tomoko Nagao.. genius!

and one of my last obsession! Pokopony! what or who is pokopony? it's the combination of two super creative minds: Tomoko x (b)ananartista

some screenshots i took with my camera of their last video for sanrio for smiles:

ok now, you are ready to watch it!

Me and Tomoko pokoponyzed by (b)ananartista!

Moreover the exhibition was located in a wonderful place, that gave a magical atmosphere at the event!

I know You Know I know

For who doesn't know yet , i'm proud to say i designed the last album of Gabby LaLa's "I Know, You know, I know" released last february.

Who is Gabby La La? She's an incredibile artist (and girl) who plays kawaii music. yes, kawaii music, I think that the concept of "kawaii" is not only regarded as visual perception, and i realized it only after i listened her first album "Be Careful What You Wish For..." (a collaboration with Les Claypool- Primus).
Her fantasy is limitness!
Gabby LaLa plays using a nintendo ds lite, sitar, ukulele, theremin, and her lovely voice!
"I Know, you know, I know" is funky, electo-pop with japanese influences, get yourself ready to a new kawaii immersion experience!
Dont forget to check out the awesome new video, "Alarm Clock" one of my favorite song from Gabby La La's last album:

If you're curious to know something more about her visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabby_La_La

Her lovely website made by Javarnanda: http://www.gabbylala.com/

If you want to buy her last album i designed: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gabbylala

Be your pet

This is a portrait of Brittanie a dear internet friend, last thursday was her birthday and i'm always so retarded to remember birthday's dates so this is my belated gift to her...
I am trying to work on new digital techniques of colouring and this exact method is something I have been wanting to try but I am still not comfortable :/.
I feel more comfortable with a "flat" style, i dont know how to explain it.
Anyway i love to experiment! It's a good thing for me, now.
These days are strange days. Many changes are in the air,some of which are not bad, but I feel really exhausted. a total lack of energy.

In part, this is because my moving into my new place. it's not easy at all, but i hope to explain to you better in the next post, writing a few words about it and show you some pictures of my new art studio!



funeral parade of roses

Yesterday i watched an amazing movie.. Funeral Parade of Roses.
This movie is a masterpiece of art!

Everything about this movie amazed me, but what especially amazed me was the plot, the movie aesthetic, the late ’60s Tokyo underworld atmosphere and Eddie, the main character.

and this is a little tribute i made

Green hair!

To inaugurate the new year and to celebrate my favorite drink/food maccha , now.. my favorite color, i dyed my hair ends green!
i'm in love with this colour

バカみたい stupid face ever
i'm pround of my beatles t-shirt

end. thanks to Bea for the help and thanks to Javarnanda for the photos!

アケオメコトヨロ! Happy New Year!

みんな! お久しぶり!

明けましておめでとう, in late.. ごめんね!

I know, this place is .. dead.. i didn't update it for years!
But one of my resolutions this year is try to update it as often as possible!

My Japan journey comes to an end.
October seriously came and went and (tah dah!) January!
Now i'm in Italy and if i think at the last months i feel like i felt asleep and i dreamt all! It can sound like crazy, i enjoyed this journey so much and i can't accept the reality now.
I decided to post more photos of my japanese experience and write some post about it, i know it takes time, but it's too important for me to remember those days forever in this my own little space.

First of all.. Happy Usagi year!
I love rabbits! Tokyo was really full of all kind of stuff dedicated to the rabbit year, so i had the opportunity to bought 2 Nengajou (the postcard sent as a greeting for the New Year) of the rabbit year!

i bought this xmas 3D postcard for my family as well

kawaii ne?Loft and Tokyo hands keep the best stuff!

This xmas holidays was really relaxing.. i ate a lot, i slept a lot, i wasted time in reading manga (Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack and Detroit Metal City) and played with my new tamagochi i bought in Tokyo.. nano tamagochi!

My vintange tamagochi i used to play in middle school and my new nano tamagochi

I named my tamagochi Pinoko, like Black Jack's little assistant (yes, i'm obsessed with this manga).

Sorry guys i forgot english, in my head there were only italian and japanese for 3 months but one of my goals for this 2011 is study english better! It's a promise!

Places that inspire me part 1 - AtoZ

Before to come here in Tokyo I made a list of absolutely places i wanted to visit.
The first of my list was Yoshitomo Nara's AtoZ cafe.
Anyone who know me knows that i'm always been in love with Nara's works.
For me see his real works and drink a coffee there it's like a dream that come true.
AtoZ is near Aoyama street, a little bit hidden, but at least i found it!

It's like to enter in the room of my dreams.
i felt so comfy and so inspired by everything

I went there 2 times cause it's a little bit expensive (but who cares )
The first time i went was to take a coffee and an azuki sweet with my friend..

..the second one i went was to have a lunch and drew alone surrounded by Nara's World

in the bathroom.. find the intruder

what a beautiful memories and magic place!


I'm still alive, and actually the 1st of October i left for Tokyo.
It passed a month about, and i can't believe time is passed so fast!
i have a very short memory and i cant describe everything i did, but what i can say is Tokyo seems another world and my first impression is still the same.

The city in first, it seems build it to be nice. everytime i take a train, everytime i stop at the lights, everytime i see a roadsign, just look around me. everything is designed to be nice and kawaii. they have a kawaii mascotte for everything! like suica card (the travel card for train and metro) or bank or supermarket or etc etc,  this is the first reason why i love this city and i think everyday life here is a great source of inspiration.

then, the quantity and the variety of shops. here you can find everything.
there are specific shops for eveyone taste, for example i found a shop with 4 floors only with paint and sculpture stuff. but this is only an example because i focused on this kind of stuff.

I'm officially falling in love with mori fashion.
For whom doesn't know, Mori means forest in Japanese and the mori fashion consist in wearing with soft natural colours, layering, lace, and hand-made items, an aura of a girl living in the woods is the essence of a mori girl.
i found a cute blog about morigirl fashion check it out: http://morigirl.blogspot.com/

last, the sense of loneliness.
I've always imagined tokyo like the most entertainment city in the world (maybe after LV?) and probabily it is. Despite of my opinion what i realized  and felt living here is a sense of loneliness around. most of the people here live a solitary life.
It's very common that people eat alone in the restaurant, shopping alone, if you're in the
crowd of shibuya it seems like to be alone cause no one talks and they are always surrounded by this loud adv announcements.. very annoying. Anyway i don't dislike this sense of loneliness i think is fascinating!

i'm trying to organize my agenda to see some interesting museum and gallery.
Tomoko san recommend me to visit Yokohama, a city near Tokyo full of interesting art activity.

I hope to update this blog as often as possible on the various moments of my life here. and i hope to post some new pictures too!

oh my, now i'm thinking.. i need to update my site too!!

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